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Scene from the Water's Edge

12/05/2016 - 25/06/2016  :  Loughborough Sock Gallery


It all started many years ago, sat on the water’s edge with fishing rod in one hand, marmite sandwich in the other. Catching the odd small fish but just happy to be sat by the water, come rain or shine.


For years I have enjoyed the peace and serenity that can be found next to the water, regardless of the size and whether or not it is natural or manmade.


Regardless of where I go with my camera, I always find myself drawn to the water, scrambling down an embankment (and often falling in!) to get right on the edge. It is here that you see the water and surrounding landscape from a different perspective. I think it is those early years that pull me back to the water’s edge. Obviously now I am older I can appreciate more the quality of light and subtle colours that reflect off the water at either end of the day, but the love of that scene is the same as it always was.


‘Scene from the Water’s Edge’ is a collection of images taken over approximately seven years. The images including the stunning local landscape in and around the East Midlands and also a few special locations from around the UK and Europe. Each image has been taken with a single aim:


To portray the peace and beauty that can be found on the edge of the water. Whether it be a still lake or raging sea, there is always something special about being on the water’s edge.



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